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Website Design With HTML | HTML List


HTML Lists:

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a variety of  HTML lists. Now we learn about three types of lists in HTML:
Web design | HTML Lists
  • Unordered lists,( are like lists of bullet points )
  • Ordered lists, (use a sequence of numbers or letters instead of bullet points)
  • Definition lists, ( specify a term and its definition)

Web Design with HTML | HTML Attributes


HTML Attributes:

HTML Attributes is nery important for web design. It provide additional information about HTML documents / elements.
Attributes are always specified in the opening tag and attributes come in name/value pairs like: name="value".
Attribute values should always be enclosed in double style quotes or single style quotes.

It is necessary to use single quotes, when the attribute value itself contains quotes. For Example: name='welcome to "our pc solution" home'.

Website Design with HTML | Phrase Elements

Web Design With HTML
The following elements are not used as widely as the elements you have met so far. As the element names
indicate, they are designed to describe their content:

  • <em>and <strong>for emphasis
  • <blockquote>, <cite>, and <q>for quotations and citations
  • <abbr>, <acronym>, and <dfn>for abbreviations, acronyms, and key terms
  • <code>, <kbd>, <var>, and <samp>for computer code and information
  • <address>for addresses

Web Design With HTML [ HTML Elements ]

An HTML document is everything from the opening tag to the closing tag it's also defined by HTML elements.
web design with html
HTML Elements:
Opening tag Elements Closing Tag
<h1> Web Design With HTML-5. </h1>
<p> Here everything is HTML Element. </p>
<a href="index.htm"> This is HTML Element tutorials link. </a>
<hr />


Create Your websites with HTML [ HTML Tags ]

HTML Heading Tags:
HTML heading tags are defined with the <h1> to <h6> tags.

Try this Example:>>
    <h1> HTML h1 Tag test</h1>
    <h2> HTML h2 Tag test</h2>
    <h3> HTML h3 Tag test</h3>
    <h4> HTML h4 Tag test</h4>
    <h5> HTML h5 Tag test</h5>
    <h6> HTML h6 Tag test</h6>

Basic structure of HTML

    <head> Here you use CSS, jS Style Sheet tags.
        <title>Here use your website title</title>
        Here use main content of your page, you use this ppart to design your page. Normaly your page design start from here.

Create Your websites with HTML (HTML Introduction)

From now, i will try to write about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). If you follow my post, you will learn how to make a website. We offer free tutorials in HTML-5. HTML is easy to learn So create your own Web site with HTML-5 and enjoy it.